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FoodManufuture is going to perform a Conceptual Design Study to provide the basis for decision making for a European Food Manufacturing Research Infrastructure.

The main objective of FoodManufuture is to provide a vision and a conceptual design for a cross disciplinary research infrastructure for food manufacturing that will boost innovation, competitiveness and productivity of the European Food sector and Manufacturing Solutions sector. In order to meet this objective, FoodManufuture will provide a structured, pan European dialogue with relevant stakeholders of the food sector and the manufacturing solutions sector to obtain their visions, challenges, opportunities and needs. FoodManufuture will develop clear vision scenarios, a gap analyses and present a conceptual design study on how a European Infrastructure can be implemented in Europe.

The project is going to hence assess the scientific, technical and financial capacities in the existing European food sector and the manufacturing solutions sector, and develop unique concepts for improved dialogue between research providers and users. The project is going to enable the achievement of an internationally leading position of the European food sector and research centres.
A Conceptual Design Study is going to be performed by FoodManufuture project to provide the basis for decision making for the European Food Manufacturing Research Infrastructure. Through a cutting-edge research the Research Infrastructure will aim at boosting competitiveness and innovativeness of the food manufacturing sector, dedicated and involving knowledge transfer, and motivating education.

The project involves stakeholders from industries, academia, public and private decision makers from the food sector and the production technologies sector in order to meet the needs of SMEs and large companies of both sectors in a cross-disciplinary approach, to provide a clear European dimension, and to create ownership of the content of the final Conceptual Design Report. The consortium is based on, but not restricted to, wide-spread networks of public and private stakeholders from the ETPs Food for Life and MANUFUTURE. Joining forces of the food sector and the manufacturing solutions sector, sharing, aligning, combining and defining challenges and solutions will be much more efficient than done separately, as has been the situation until now. In a bottom-up process the stakeholders create cutting-edge visions for the sector regarding manufacturing technologies, food chain management, sustainability, business models, technology transfer and education. Through the analys of the visions there are going to be identified available solutions and gaps so models will be elaborated and validated. The final Conceptual Design Report will present the most promising models for the new research infrastructure figures and propose optional funding solutions. The dissemination programme including the involvement of stakeholders at national and European level from the two sectors, will promote it and the final Conceptual Design Report will be awaited by stakeholders who will be motivated to implement it.

FoodManufuture keywords: Production, Technology, Food, Manaufactoring, Infrastructur, Technology transfer.

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